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Stretch Marks

How a Stretch Mark Cream may benefit

A stretch mark cream can dramatically help reduce the appearance of unsightly stretch marks. Stretch mark creams generally contain beneficial ingredients to help visibly diminish discolorations of stretch marks while enhancing the overall appearance of the skin by making it feel more firmed, toned, and smooth by supporting more elasticity to the surrounding skin of the stretch marks.

Unlike some other formulations on the market, you will find that Marksil™ has an added benefit of reducing visible discolorations of stretch marks. By addressing the discoloration of the marks it can help make a dramatic change in the appearance of the stretch mark areas along with a more radiant, toned look of the overall skin’s appearance.

Stretch Marks and Pregnancy

Nearly half of the women who become pregnant will become susceptible to obtaining stretch marks. Factors such as genetics, family background, amount of weight gain, size of the baby, and the original size of your body before pregnancy starts can all play a role on the development of stretch marks during and after pregnancy. More than likely if your mother or siblings obtained stretch marks during pregnancy there is a greater chance you may also. Gaining excess weight throughout the pregnancy or having rapid growth in certain trimesters can rapidly stretch the skin causing stretch marks. Large amounts of amniotic fluid or carrying a larger baby, twins, or multiples will more than likely affect the skin and will cause damage to the dermis resulting in stretch marks to appear.

Larger pregnancy growth periods are generally seen between the sixth and seventh month of pregnancy. This is normally when stretch marks may become prominent. Stretch marks normally go through three different stages as explained below.*

Stage 1: At this stage the skin may seem itchy and pink areas may be starting to form. The area of skin around the newly formed stretch marks may be flat and thin. Stage 2: Progressively, the stretch marks appearance may get longer and larger i
size, width, and depth. The color will then be transformed into a reddish, purple color. Stage 3: After pregnancy, generally within a few months the color of the marks will start to fade to a white or silver color. At this stage it is a little harder to obtain results and more applications and time will be needed to help diminish the appearance of these older stretch marks.

What are the causes of Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks can be caused from any number of factors. Below are some common reasons or examples of what may cause stretch marks. Both men and women are affected equally by stretch marks as gender does not discriminate from obtaining these scars on the body. Stretch marks can appear from weight gain or lose too quickly. Bodybuilders can obtain stretch marks from the fast growth of muscles in a short period of time. Most women find that stretch marks are a common occurrence during pregnancy. Stretch marks can also be hereditary as more than likely if your mother or close siblings have them, more than likely you will too.

Here are some other causes of stretch marks: Growth Spurts – During puberty, both girls and boys can develop stretch marks due to rapid growth or excessive weight gain. Dieting – During the process of either losing or gaining weight too quickly can put your skin under stress which can lead to the development of stretch marks due to the skin accommodating for this loss or gain at a fast rate. Poor Nutrition – Maintaining a healthy diet can help support collagen which helps the skin to have elasticity. During periods where the skin may be growing larger or spurts are experienced such as puberty or pregnancy extra precaution should be observed during this time. It is important to eat a balanced diet with essential Fatty acids (EFA) to help keep the skin healthy. Polyunsaturated fats play a large role in helping the skin stay hydrated, plump, and younger looking. Genetics – Some individuals are just prone to obtaining stretch marks. Family history of stretch marks can help determine if you may also be a candidate for those unsightly marks appearing on your skin. Marksil™ should be used once the stretch marks are noticed or at the first stage of stretch marks . Marksil™ is formulated for use on both old and new stretch marks.

Individual results will vary. Keep in mind that older stretch marks are harder to address and may need additional time and applications to see results. For optimal results, application should be done to the affected area twice per day, for a continuous 8 weeks to see the results that you are able to obtain from use of the product. Applications must be continued as directed to sustain results you are able to achieve.

What is the Different Treatments Available?

It is almost inevitable for most individuals to escape the appearance of stretch marks sometime throughout their life. There are many different treatments available to address stretch marks. While stretch marks may not be able to be completely removed or erased, a stretch mark cream like Marksil™ can dramatically help reduce the appearance of those unwanted stretch marks. Medical treatments offered by a skin care professional may include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and even electing cosmetic surgical removal. These treatments may be too expensive and time consuming for some, not to mention very painful. Marksil™, on the other hand can help provide a noticeable difference in the look and feel of those unwanted stretch marks in a safe, effective, affordable way all in the privacy of your own home! You can experience more cost-savings by taking advantage of the buy two bottles, get one free special offer!

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