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The Stages of Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are considered to be scars or lesions of the dermis that normally appear during major stages of life. For Women, pregnancy is one of the main causes of stretch marks. Since there are many hormonal factors throughout a woman’s life it is hard to escape the possibility of not obtaining stretch marks. Both men and women may obtain stretch marks during puberty, weight fluctuations, and even from muscle gain.

Stretch marks can vary greatly in color and size the different variations have to do with whether the marks are new or old. A stretch mark is known to go through three different stages.

Stage 1: During this stage individuals typically notice signs such as inflammation and itchiness. At this stage a mark may emerge as a pink tear like scar on the skin’s surface.

Stage 2: With time these newly surfaced marks will start to widen and lengthen in size, becoming a violet purple color.

Stage 3: After several of months, the marks will come to their final appearance. Although, these marks may not be as noticeable as stage 2 they are still there, as they never disappear.

These marks are now white in color and depressed within the dermis layers of the skin. The size and length of these marks can only be determined by how much your skin stretched to accommodate the change in the stretch of the skin that caused the mark in the first place.

Using Marksil™ at the first stage or onset of marks when they are lighter in appearance and definition can greatly increase results of reducing the appearance of the stretch marks. Results can take longer on older stretch marks due to discolorations and the area becoming more indented over time.

When used in accordance to the Marksil™ package directions, optimal results may be seen with twice daily applications for a continuous eight weeks.

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